JUST ANNOUNCED: The New Era of Leadership 2024 Award Winners
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A new kind of leader deserves a new kind of award.

The inaugural New Era of Leadership Awards recognize executive women and companies shaping the future of business. Powered by Chief, the largest network of executive women.

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What Makes a
New-Era Leader?

From calmly navigating a crisis, to showing empathy for employees' personal lives, five attributes define exceptional leadership in this new era.

  • Innovative

    They are here to disrupt. They take risks to create positive change, whether in the form of creating new tech, launching a new product, or revitalizing legacy brands.

  • Empathetic

    They put their people first, because they know that people power their companies. From embracing new ways of working, to committing to DEI programs, they go beyond standard practices to ensure individuals succeed and feel valued.

  • Creative

    They spark cultural moments. They're operating at the intersection of vision and storytelling, launching campaigns, and forging creative partnerships.

  • Purposeful

    They're driven by purpose. They use their influence for good, centering their company, whether for profit or nonprofit, around a mission that drives change.

  • Resilient

    They adapt easily. Whether facing a changing industry, a company pivot, or a full-on crisis, they aren't afraid of change and have the guts and smarts to navigate it.

What Will Winners Get?


Receive recognition across Chief's channels, reaching an audience of 500,000+ leading professionals.


Select winners will get to share their thought leadership through Chief's editorial coverage, media, and events.


Unlike other awards programs, leverage the award for brand-building efforts at no extra cost.

Who's Eligible?

We're looking for senior executive women and organizations across all industries who have exemplified modern leadership while achieving impressive business results in the 2023 calendar year. We’re celebrating leadership excellence both within and beyond Chief, so Chief membership is not required to participate.

Nominees should be based in the United States and can include:
  • Senior executive women with VP-level or C-suite roles
  • Public and private organizations
*See eligibility guidelines here.

Meet Our Judges

Powered by Chief

Chief is the private network executive women rely on to maximize their leadership impact. Founded in 2019, Chief is the largest community of senior executive women, representing more than 10,000 companies and 77% of the Fortune 100. 

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