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Eunice Kim

Chief Product Officer, Netflix


The Netflix Exec Deciding What You Watch Next

Are you still watching? Eunice Kim at Netflix would like to know. You may not hear her name at the Oscars, but she’s the executive influencing what you watch on Netflix. As the company’s Chief Product Officer, she determines what programming might peak viewers’ interest next by analyzing consumer behavior on the streaming platform. In other words, she makes the viewing experience interesting, smooth, and engaging — a crucial role in the streaming players’ battle for our attention. Kim also oversees mobile experience, search and recommendations, and commercial strategy, including the recent password-sharing crackdown. Before taking on her current role, she led the product teams that helped the company transition from DVDs and licensed programming to original content. In the next decade, Netflix will shift its strategy to include gaming, live broadcasts, and creative new ways to reach viewers on their mobile devices — putting Kim in position to have even more influence over the media we consume.


By Cristina Cala