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Julie Cartwright

President, Pvolve


The Pvolve Executive Who Brought Jennifer Aniston on as a Partner

Jennifer Aniston says she’s stronger in body, mind and spirit at 55 than she was in her 20s — and we believe her. The credit for this fitness evolution? The Pvolve Method. The company, founded in 2017 by Rachel Katzman, offers virtual classes and its own patented equipment for low-impact resistance https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-cartwright-b313785training. But the method truly took off after Pvolve President Julie Cartwright inked a partnership with the renowned actress-turned-spokesperson. Aniston streamed Pvolve’s virtual workouts following a back injury, and loved them so much she approached the company. In 2023, she joined as an adviser of marketing, product development, and programming strategy. Now, members can work out with founder Rachel Katzman and “Jen” on a first-name basis. Since announcing the partnership with Aniston, Pvolve has seen an increase in monthly revenue by more than 400%. The launch also resulted in a lift of 650%+ in branded searches, 125%+ in franchise inquiries, and 40%+ in social media followers.

By Cristina Cala