JUST ANNOUNCED: The New Era of Leadership 2024 Award Winners


Deborah Garcia

Chief Development Officer, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières


She Led Her Organization to a Record-Breaking Fundraising Year to Provide Humanitarian Medical Care Globally

Amid multiple humanitarian crises around the world, global aid organizations are facing a state of perma-crisis. When Deborah Garcia joined MSF-USA as chief development officer in March of 2023, Deborah “Deb” Garcia came prepared with eight years of insight and experience advising and leading numerous public and private sector organizations focused on driving health access and equity globally. She now leads a department responsible for developing secure and diversified private income streams in the United States to meet the financial needs of MSF’s medical projects and ensure the independence of its global operations. A vital part of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization dedicated to providing medical care to those in need everywhere, Garcia’s team connects with key donor segments, including individuals, major donors, corporations, and foundations. Through immediate engagement with U.S. donors to support MSF’s response to the Israel/Gaza conflict, her team effectively led the organization’s record-breaking fundraising year, securing over $740 million in revenue through engagement of around  one million donors.

By Katy Brennan