JUST ANNOUNCED: The New Era of Leadership 2024 Award Winners


DeNora Getachew

CEO, DoSomething.org


How This CEO Activates a New Generation to Drive Change

DeNora Getachew is committed to making our society and democracy more just, equitable, and inclusive. As the CEO of DoSomething.org, the largest organization exclusively for young people making social change, she and her team help millions of young people drive impact in their communities. DoSomething.org has activated over 8 million youth across thousands of campaigns and programs, with members in every U.S. area code and in over 189 countries. Before joining the organization as CEO in 2021, she served as the New York Executive Director of Generation Citizen, a national non-profit transforming how civics is taught in our country’s secondary schools, as Campaign Manager & Legislative Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice, and Policy Director at Office of the Public Advocate of New York City. A mother of three, including a son she had as a teenager, she was drawn to her current role because she is “inspired daily by young people stepping firmly into this disrupted, yet incredibly transformative moment and demanding change, equity, and justice for themselves and their community.”

By Katy Brennan