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Dr. Kade Goepferd

Chief Education Officer & Medical Director of Gender Health Program, Children's Minnesota Hospital


The Doctor Working to Improve Pediatric Care for LGBTQIA+ Youth

As a non-binary pediatrician and educator serving as Chief Education Officer and Medical Director of the Gender Health Program at Children’s Minnesota Hospital, a non-profit children’s hospital based in the Twin Cities, Dr. Kade Goepferd is on a mission to create more equitable care for LGBTQIA+ youth. Goepferd launched the Gender Health Program in 2019 with the goal to do just that, particularly for transgender and gender-diverse youth. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to change the view of pediatric care for gender-nonconforming youth, despite the hundreds of bills that have been introduced across the U.S. to restrict gender-affirming healthcare for trans and gender-expansive people. In an interview with Chief, Dr. Goepferd explained that “what trans and gender diverse kids need now more than ever is culture change. Without it, we’re going to constantly be fighting uphill battles to access care and to be included in schools and to be on sports teams and all of those things.”

By Courtney Connley