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Elli Kaplan

CEO & Co-Founder, Neurotrack


She Watched Her Grandparents Struggle With Alzheimer’s. Now Her Company Could Help Increase Early Detection

Elli Kaplan’s grandfather was a physician who knew that certain activities could slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. His home was filled with Post-it Notes he wrote to himself when he began to recognize signs of his own cognitive decline. “Do math,” or “Go for lunch and see your friends,” they said. In the end, Kaplan lost both her paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother to the disease. Kaplan’s experience sparked a realization: Early detection had prompted huge advances in treating cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and cancer. Brain health could benefit from the same approach. So she partnered with leading neuroscientists to launch Neurotrack, a patient-administered cognitive test that takes just three minutes to complete and can be easily administered by primary care providers at an annual check-up. The company snagged SXSW’s Best New Startup award in 2013, and has continued to rack up accolades, including the top prize in the 2023 Alzheimer’s Association Pitch Competition. This year, Kaplan hired a Chief Growth Officer to drive business expansion and help improve the lives of millions of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, through the power of early screening and treatment.

By Audrey Goodson Kingo