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How This Global Nonprofit Is Boosting Disability Inclusion in Business

Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit for advancing disability inclusion and accessibility in business. Its renowned Disability Equality Index, a comprehensive benchmarking tool that looks at how companies recruit, retain, accommodate, and include disabled workers, recently expanded internationally to now include seven countries outside the United States who have access to the tool. In the U.S., the Disability Equality Index has seen tremendous growth, jumping from 80 participating companies in 2015 to 485 in 2023. Today, 70% of the U.S. Fortune 100 companies and nearly half of the Fortune 500 use the tool to examine their corporate disability inclusive practices and policies against their peers. In a 2023 study released by Accenture and Disability:IN, companies leading on disability inclusion over a five-year period saw 1.6 times more revenue growth than their peers, 2.6 times more net income, and 2 times more economic profit.

By: Courtney Connley