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How Keeping a Remote Model Is Paying Off for Yelp

While the rise of remote work has garnered mixed reviews from corporate leaders, Yelp has remained unwavering in its commitment to a remote work model. Four years in as a remote company, Yelp says it has seen increased employee satisfaction and strong business results. This includes a 43% boost in job applications, with 88% of employees saying they would recommend the company as a great place to work. Aside from staying true to its flexible work arrangements, the company has also expanded its employee benefits to support their staff outside of work with mental health support, gym memberships, and additional healthcare offerings. This includes travel reimbursement for healthcare procedures that may be banned in an employee’s state, such as abortion or gender-affirming care. Additionally, the company has increased its wellness stipend to encourage employees to prioritize their health.

By Courtney Connley