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Frida’s Authentic Brand Identity Is Designed for Postpartum Reality

For Marathon Sunday in New York City last year, Frida maternity care company took out an ad in The New York Times. The copy read: “Some marathoners stretch their muscles. Others stretch their cervix.” Then they donated 300 postpartum care kits to city hospitals to distribute to patients who gave birth the day of the marathon. Why? Research has shown that the energy it takes to sustain a pregnancy is equivalent to running a 40-week marathon, but “no one is lining the streets to cheer pregnant women on,” Frida said in a press release for the giveaway. The campaign made a powerful statement about the priority that prenatal and postpartum care deserve, while the company continues to deliver straightforward solutions and real-life messaging that speaks to new parents without the unrealistic narrative of round-the-clock new-parent “bliss.” Pair that approach with products for baby and mom (e.g. Frida Baby favorite, the Snotsucker, as well as Frida Mom labor and recovery kits for vaginal and C-section births), and brand visuals of real bodies and babies (photography of growing bumps, sore nips and stretchmarks), and you get a brand identity that truly understands parents.

By Cristina Cala