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The Fan-Favorite Prebiotic Beverage Brand Giving Soda a Makeover

Soda’s back — and good for your gut health, according to prebiotic soda brand Poppi. For its marketing strategy, the brand relies heavily on digital: influencers, TikTok, X and anywhere else their fans leave feedback. Their “Soda’s Back” campaign copy came straight from the DMs and social posts praising the product for tasting just like soda. The multimillion-dollar campaign ran on social, TV and billboards in summer 2023, namely in Atlanta, where Coca-Cola is headquartered, positioning prebiotic Poppi as a challenger to traditional soda. As Poppi’s first 360 campaign, it pushed the brand beyond its online roots, while still celebrating the digital community that made Poppi an “obsession” among fans. The strategy is working for the brand, which experienced 250 percent growth online in 2022, with $100 million in retail sales. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Coca-Cola, which is reportedly pursuing an acquisition.

By Cristina Cala