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Cityblock Health


Disrupting Healthcare By Dispelling Myths and Outperforming Expectations

Cityblock was founded in 2017 to prove that providing healthcare to historically marginalized populations, including low-income and elderly Americans (primarily those who qualify for Medicaid) can be a profitable business. It has succeeded by dispelling multiple myths that hamper the current healthcare system, including the beliefs that services can be delivered to communities without involving the communities in the conversation from the first step, that Medicaid communities don’t want to use technology as part of care, and that larger social needs in low-income communities are too difficult to address in a health-care model. Cityblock’s technology-enabled, high-touch approach is helping to build trust and engage with marginalized communities, and its focus on preventative care for at-risk populations is generating better results and avoiding costly ER visits as the first point of contact in health care. The company plans to serve 10 million members by 2030 with primary care, mental health-care and additional social services.

By Katy Brennan