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Bobbie Is Changing the Culture Around How We Feed and Raise Our Babies

With Co-Founder and CEO Laura Modi at the helm, Bobbie — a company that sells FDA-approved infant formula made with organic milk and doesn’t contain fillers, corn syrup, antibiotics, palm oil or maltodextrin — is enjoying healthy growth while helping millions of babies to do the same. Just four years after its launch, the company has generated over $84 million in revenue despite temporarily suspending new subscriptions during nationwide formula shortages in 2022. Soon after, Bobbie became the only U.S. formula company to expand to retail amidst shortages, launching at Target stores nationwide. In 2023, Bobbie acquired pediatric nutrition company Nature’s One, gaining control over the entire formula and nutritional supplement production process, from sourcing raw materials to packaging. That same year, Bobbie for Change — the company’s social and policy impact arm — was born, as was the Bobbie MotherBoard, a diverse group of parents from the worlds of entertainment, sports, fashion, and business. Through storytelling, social engagement, and political activism, MotherBoard members are actively promoting policy change around issues like social justice, same-sex parenting, and paid leave.

By Katy Brennan