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Center for Reproductive Rights


The Legal Organization Challenging Abortion Bans Across the Country

The Center for Reproductive Rights is the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting reproductive rights, and in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, their work has only gotten more challenging. But that doesn’t mean the Center hasn’t moved forward with using every possible legal and advocacy tool to establish new protections for reproductive autonomy. Since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, the Center has worked to implement new state constitutional rights to abortion in South Carolina, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. The organization has also worked to get ballot victories in all six states where abortion was up for a vote in 2023, and it has blocked or delayed abortion bans in seven states, helping to keep clinics open to provide care. In 15 states and Washington, DC, the Center has also implemented new interstate shield laws to protect abortion providers, patients, and helpers across state lines.

By Courtney Connley