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Workers Want to Grow at Their Company — And Guild Is Making It Happen

Despite economic uncertainties in 2023, Guild remained focused on its core pillars of talent retention, skills development, and career mobility, leading to a record year of impact as a company. In 2023, the career opportunity platform increased its employer partnerships by nearly 50%, and it introduced new product capabilities, including a career accelerator, enhanced career coaching, and a talent analytics dashboard that provides employers with insight on their talent pipeline. Additionally, the organization released a first-of-its-kind AI skills program designed to support millions of frontline workers who are most at risk of needing to change occupations or upskill to thrive in an AI-influenced workforce. The hard work is paying off: Guild learners were 2.2x more likely to experience internal mobility at their current company than non-member employees, the company reports. In the first 18 months of Guild’s collaboration with Target, for example, promotions for hourly team members enrolled in a Guild program were 3x higher than non-members, and turnover was more than 70% lower.

By Courtney Connley