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Women Are Finally Getting the Menopause Care They Need

Menopause is a normal transition for women, but long standing stigmas about reproductive health can prevent women from getting relief from its sometimes debilitating symptoms, which include everything from brain fog to hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and much more. It can even push women out of the workforce when they’re at the top of their career. Thankfully, Midi is making a change to “the change.” The virtual care clinic gives women custom, research-based guidance on perimenopause and menopause, including medical and non-medical options. The platform was designed with diversity in mind so that all women, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status have access to the care they need. The efforts are paying off: Visits are now covered by most PPO insurance plans, including Cigna, Anthem, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more. In April, the platform secured $60 million in a Series B funding, bringing its total raise to $100 million.

By Audrey Goodson Kingo