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Solis Mammography


AI-Innovations Are Making Mammograms Even Better at Early Detection

Mammograms aren’t known for being easy — and that’s a problem. Too many women skip their annual screening, dissuaded by the procedure’s discomfort. Solis Mammography has spent decades making innovations to mammograms, delivering the comfort, convenience, accuracy and compassion that are crucial for ensuring early breast cancer detection. It is now the nation’s largest independent provider of specialized breast health services, with more than 125 centers in 17 major markets. But the company’s latest innovations, utilizing AI, stand to make truly groundbreaking changes in women’s health. Mammo+Heart utilizes mammography to assess heart disease risk by detecting the presence of breast arterial calcification — build up in the arteries of the breast — which has been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease in women. Mammo+Plus predicts the likelihood of breast cancer within the next year by comparing breast images to a database of tens of thousands of women. These applications offer comprehensive health insights into the top two causes of death in women — offering patients the knowledge to take charge of their health.

By Audrey Goodson Kingo